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General Terms and Conditions

EDP Business Summit


This document establishes the general terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) for users (hereinafter “User” or “Users”) to participate in the event EDP Business Digital Summit (“Event”) of EDP Comercial - Comercialização de Energia, S.A. (referred to as “EDP Comercial”), registered at Conservatória do Registo Comercial with VAT code 503 504 564, registered headquarters at Avenida 24 de Julho, nº 12, 1249-300 Lisboa, and 20 842 695 EUR of share capital and email address: edpbusinesssummit@edp.com, (hereinafter, “EDP Comercial”), on the electronic platform, operated by Win World, with offices at Espaço das Amoreiras - Centro Empresarial, Rua D. João V, Nº 24, 1.03, Sala 8 1250-091 Lisboa (hereinafter, “Platform” and available at live.edpbusinesssumit.edp.com), which shall be used to broadcast the Event.

The Platform comprises the applications, the data server for the storage of data, materials, tools and processes, together with any supplementary programs to host and broadcast the Event. The entity in charge of operating the Platform granted EDP Comercial the right for Users to join the event as set forth in the following paragraphs.

By accessing the Platform, you get the condition of user and it implies the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this Terms and Conditions and, where applicable, to the Terms and Conditions of the Platform provided by Win World. Such provisions could be modified by EDP Comercial, being the user responsible to check every time he/she wishes to use any of the services. To assist users and for them to learn about these modifications, at the end of the page, the date of the last version will be shown. You also understand that there is no tolerance for objectionable content. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you are not entitled to use the Platform.

In order to ensure the Event provides the best experience possible for everyone, we strongly enforce a no tolerance policy for objectionable content. If you see inappropriate content, please use the “Report as offensive” feature found under each post.

These Terms and Conditions must be read together with the Privacy Policy available at live.edpbusinesssummit.edp.com/eula.pdf.


1. Conditions of access and participation in the Event

1.1. Users need to follow the steps set out in the email sent by EDP Comercial to join the Event, which includes information on how to create an account and a hyperlink to the Event.

1.2. Users call also register by clicking on the banner “Assistir aqui” available at edp.pt.

1.3. Upon joining, Users may use the Q&A feature on the Platform responsibly and civilly, which allows them to ask questions during the Event.

1.4. Users are fully and solely liable for the truthfulness, accuracy, up-to-dateness and authenticity of the data, including personal data provided during the login, and must endeavor to update those data if and when required.

1.5. Users shall keep their account login information confidential, which includes not disclosing those data to third parties or browsing in a way that would allow third parties to decode and copy the data.

1.6. Users’ information shall be deleted or anonymized one (1) year after the Event.

1.7. Users shall be solely liable for logging in and using the account with their data. Users shall be fully and solely liable for any acts performed through their User account, either directly or through third parties authorized by the User, for use on the Platform or to share and edit contents, or if the User is found to have committed any abusive, fraudulent or illegal acts.

1.8. EDP Comercial reserves the right to close User accounts that breach these Terms and Conditions, including if it establishes that the User is using proxy IP addresses to conceal the use of multiple accounts or in any way disrupt the functioning of the Platform.

1.9. EDP Comercial disclaims any direct or indirect liability for any damages arising from the suspension or cancellation of your account.

1.10. Generally, Users shall use the Platform responsibly, carefully and prudently, and must not disrupt or corrupt the continuity, integrity and quality of the Platform's resources and features, or impinge on the rights and/or opportunities of use of third-party users.

1.11. The use of the Platform to provide or broadcast any type of material that contains or is liable to contain viruses, worms, defects, Trojan horses or any other item or computer codes, files or programs liable to interrupt, destroy or limit the features of any computer equipment or system or communication equipment is strictly forbidden.


2. Privacy

Users’ privacy is duly safeguarded and protected by EDP Comercial pursuant to its Privacy Policy, available at live.edpbusinesssummit.edp.com/privacy.pdf.


3. User obligations

3.1. Users undertake to:

  1. a) Read the Terms and Conditions fully, including the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy;
  2. b) Provide only data that concern them, are true and updated when they log in to participate in the Event;
  3. c) Acknowledge and abide by third-party rights, including other Users’ and EDP Comercial’s rights, including any intellectual property rights;
  4. d) Refrain from acting in breach of the law, which includes conducts infringing third-party rights, slander and libel of any individuals or corporate defamation, including of EDP Comercial and the other Users;
  5. e) Act responsibly and always in good faith towards EDP Comercial and the other Users;
  6. f) Refrain from designing and using any technological tools or measures, whether through computer programming or use of pre-existing software, intended or apt to damage, modify or fully or partially delete the Platform, the Contents or the technology incidental to its proper functioning, or any tools or measures apt to enable unauthorized access to the Contents or any reserved contents in respect of both EDP Comercial and the other users;
  7. g) Save for documents in the public domain, keep confidential any information they may have access to due to their participating in the Event. This obligation shall survive the deletion of the user account on the Platform or the termination of these Terms and Conditions.


3.2. The breach of this Clause by the user may entail civil and/or criminal liability and the ensuing obligation to indemnify any losses or damages caused, or punishment by fine or term of imprisonment pursuant to the law.


4. Security

4.1. EDP Comercial has implemented the appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard the security of the Event, to ensure the integrity of electronic traffic data related to unauthorized forms of use or knowledge, as well as to avoid risks of disclosure, destruction or loss of confidential information and data contained in the Platform, or in connection with any unauthorized access to personal data and information or in breach of the applicable legal rules.

4.2. As the Event is an online service, EDP Comercial does not and cannot warrant that the Platform is free of viruses or any other issues that could have an adverse impact on the technology used by users to access the Platform.

4.3. Considering that any Content that may be downloaded or otherwise obtained of the Users’ free will and at the Users’ own risk, any damage (if any) to the Devices or loss of data resulting from any User downloading, obtaining or sharing the Platform's Contents, shall be deemed to be a decision freely taken by the relevant User, performed by the User at their own risk. Users shall therefore be fully and exclusively responsible for their actions and EDP Comercial cannot be held liable in this respect.

4.4. EDP Comercial disclaims any liability for any damages (if any) resulting from the impossibility to access the Platform and/or the Content provided on the Platform, including if such impossibility is caused by viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, failures, Internet-related issues, service providers or of phone and/or telematic connections, unauthorized access, data changes or any other issues in connection with the User devices’ failure to perform and/or defective performance.

4.5. Users are responsible for maintaining and properly using their personal information on the Platform and for any damages or losses sustained by EDP Comercial or any third parties as a result of their improper use, loss or theft of personal information, in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

4.6. Users are further responsible for maintaining and properly using their Platform login credentials. Users are responsible for their registration and for ensuring its confidentiality. Useras are also responsible for providing any specific information requested on the Platform, which must be accurate and up-to-date.

4.7. In order to ensure that the Platform remains availabe to the users, traffic may be monitored for purposes of detecting any unauthorized access attempts or content modification attempts or any other events that could otherwise damage the website.

4.8. Unauthorized attempts to modify, change, destroy or corrupt the information on the Platform, to analyze security conditions or to override security conditions or to break the authentication system, to install unauthorized software, or to use this system for purposes other than as set out herein are prohibited and shall be reported to the proper authorities for punishment.

4.9. Criminal activity shall be reported and any evidence collected of such inappropriate activity shall be turned over to the proper authorities.


5. Objectionable Content Policy

5.1. The user will not publish or take any action that would infringe the current legislation applied. Likewise, the user should not publish, manage and/or transmit information that may result offensive or against moral and public order. Content may not be submitted to the

Platform, which will moderate all content and ultimately decide whether or not to post a submission to the extent such content includes, is in conjunction with, or alongside any, Objectionable Content.

5.2. Objectionable Content includes, but is not limited to: (i) sexually explicit materials; (ii) obscene, defamatory, libelous, slanderous, violent and/or unlawful content or profanity; (iii) content that infringes upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other personal or proprietary right, or that is deceptive or fraudulent; (iv) content that promotes the use or sale of illegal or regulated substances, tobacco products, ammunition and/or firearms; and (v) gambling, including without limitation, any online casino, sports books, bingo or poker.


6. Warranty Exclusions and Limits in Responsibility

6.1. EDP Comercial has thoroughly tested the system in order to guarantee the best availability in the provision of service, however, the software may occasionally be interrupted for maintenance, software or hardware error or other reasons of cause majeure.

6.2. EDP Comercial endeavors to provide continued access to the Platform and its contents. Access to the Platform may however be suspended, limited or cut at any time. Access to the Platform may be limited from time to time to enable the recovery, maintenance or introduction of new features. EDP Comercial shall endeavor to reestablish access as quickly as feasible. EDP Comercial reserves the right to block access to any content and/or remove any content it believes, in its sole discretion, to breach these Terms and Conditions.

6.3. EDP Comercial does not guarantee availability and continuity of the services. When reasonably possible and does not guarantee the utility of services for any specific activity or its infallibility.

6.4. Under the above statement, EDP Comercial is exempt of any responsibility for damages or inconveniences of any nature due to the lack of availability or continuity of the services operations.

6.5. EDP Comercial shall not be held accountable for any internet connection difficulties, including if you do not have the necessary access conditions or the Platform is unavailable at any given time.

6.6. EDP Comercial makes a lot of effort in order to obtain a high quality of content provision. However, it is not possible to guarantee the accuracy of all the information due to: - dependence of information provided by third parties; the huge volume of processed information; the application of automatized informatics processes, subject to hardware and software errors. Under the previous statement, EDP Comercial does not guarantee veracity, accuracy; current and comprehensive nature of the content.

6.7. EDP Comercial will not be held accountable in any case for damages arising as a consequence from the inaccuracy or errors of the information provided.

6.8. EDP Comercial shall not be held accountable for any damages caused by viruses or other technologically harmful materials that may infect your computer, mobile device, software or other materials as a result of using the Platform or other websites accessed from the platform.

6.9. The Platform may make hyperlinks available to users that would allow them to access third party owned or managed websites. The installation of these links, directories and search tools in Platform have the only purpose of facilitating the search on internet and use of contents, information and services by/for our users. EDP Comercial does not, directly or by third parties, offer or commercialize these information, contents and services in other websites, therefore, EDP Comercial is not held responsible for the availability, continuity and utility; nor for the quality, accuracy and truth in this information, and is exempt of all responsibility for damages caused by this.


7. Copyright and Brands

7.1. Intellectual and industrial property, commercial brands, graphics, images, logos, information, visible icons and any contents and documents provided during the Event on Platform are exclusive property of EDP Comercial or any identified entity(ies) and are protected by intellectual property rights.

7.2. These contents cannot be copied, modified, published, shared or sold, reproduced, circulated or presented or otherwise used to create derived content or to exploit gainfully any contents or documents published on this website, in whole or in part, save where previously authorized in writing by EDP or by the original author of the content or document.

7.3. All content and format are protected by national and international law. The use for profit of any kind, of the content on Platform, is totally forbidden, without specific written authorization from EDP Comercial.

7.4. The user states, under his/her responsibility, to be the owner or have the rights of any files or material he/she publishes within the Platform.


8. Notifications

All communications and notifications will be deemed effective, when they are carried out the electronic mail to: edpbusinesssummit@edp.com. All notifications from EDP Comercial to the user will be deemed effective, to all effects, when they are carried out by electronic mail.

9. Applicable Legislation

9.1. This Agreement is ruled in full by Portuguese Law.

9.2. You may address any complaints regarding your joining and participating in the Event to EDP, using the above contact details. The Lisbon District Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising from and/or in connection with the interpretation and/or the enforcement of the Terms and Conditions, with the express waiver of any other and without prejudice to any mandatory provisions.


Last version: 3/10/2022

If you have any questions about the summit please do not hesitate to contact us: business.summit@edp.com

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