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EDP Business
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powering companies

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Leaders and corporations from across the globe will gather to reflect on what it takes to accelerate the energy transition at a global scale.

Livestream from Lisbon to the world.

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Welcome to the 3rd edition of the EDP BUSINESS SUMMIT!

The energy transition is the revolution of our time. But it comes with a deadline.

COP28 delivered a historic global commitment to shift away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy. At the heart of the matter is the world's unique opportunity to address immediate concerns related to energy security, affordability, economic growth and industrial competitiveness, while simultaneously pursuing the long-term goal of ensuring a livable planet for future generations.

But what does it take to deliver a successful energy transition that benefits all? It takes adequate government policies, private sector investment, and societal engagement. It takes technological breakthroughs and democratizing solutions. And as the 1.5ºC pathway drives further away, it takes faster execution.

In this year’s edition of the Business Summit, we are taking the conversation one step further, looking into ways of how both utilities and businesses can accelerate the energy transition, unraveling the latest technologies and business models shaping the energy future.

On the second international edition of the EDP Business Summit, we brought together more than 1.000 participants from over 20 countries to learn how leaders and companies could harness the vast potential of decentralized solar power generation. This year, we embark on a global mission. The entire energy system must be transformed worldwide. And every organization faces a unique confluence of change, risk and reward.

Reflecting on the biggest challenges and opportunities facing worldwide leaders as they plan and execute their decarbonization strategies, the third edition will take place digitally on the 7th of March 2024.

A unique half day with internationally renowned speakers, thought provoking keynotes and transformative debates, we hope will spark collective decisions on behalf of a sustainable future for all.

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Why attend EDP Business Summit ’24

A TOP LEARNING OPPORTUNITY: key energy transition topics addressed by outstanding international speakers

A BIT OF TIME TO THINK: an opportunity to reflect together on the issues and goals of a more sustainable future

A FOCUSED SPACE TO EXPLORE NEW IDEAS: a pool of ideas and suggestions that inspire new ways to improve businesses

Relive the best moments of the previous edition


02:30 PM
Opening words
Vera Pinto Pereira, Executive Board Member at EDP
leading change
02:40 PM
Is the world better off because your business is in it?
Andrew Winston, Expert on megatrends and sustainable business
accelerating renewables
03:10 PM
Need for speed: how to accelerate renewable energy penetration
Duarte Bello, CEO at EDP Renewables Europe & LATAM
Giles Dickson, CEO of Wind Europe
Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric
Moderator: Raquel Mendes, Head of European Affairs at EDP
power tech
03:35 PM
What’s next in the energy transition: technologies (re)shaping the energy landscape
Pedro Vinagre, Executive Director at EDP Renewables North & Central Europe
Bruce Douglas, CEO at Global Renewables Alliance
David Post, CEO at EASE – The European Association for Storage of Energy
Moderator: Pedro Mendonça Pinto, Journalist and CEO of Empower Sports
04:00 PM
heat electrification
04:15 PM
The next big thing: heat electrification through solar DG
John O’Donnell, CEO at Rondo Energy
Miguel Fonseca, Member of the Management Team of EDP Client Solutions
business innovation
04:50 PM
Making innovation happen + Q&A
Josh Valman, Business Strategist & CEO at RPDK
05:15 PM
Event time: GMT+00

This event will be hosted by Pedro Mendonça Pinto, Journalist and CEO of Empower Sports


Meet all the international expert speakers and thought leaders who shared their passion, experience, best practices and ideas to accelerate the energy transition.


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Our articles and news about the energy transition


11 March 2024

EDP Business Summit 2024: How to make the world a better place through my business

Lisbon has witnessed an important event for companies and customers that aims to contribute to offering solutions to end climate disruptions. This new edition of the EDP Business Summit exposed the reality facing the world and proposed a portfolio of solutions to transform the production model of companies.

leading change

05 March 2024

Portugal, Europe, and the world have a unique opportunity

Vera Pinto Pereira, executive board member at EDP, emphasizes that now is the time for the country to step up its adoption of green energy, given that in January, 81% of its energy came from renewable sources. In an interview, she outlines the challenges that still need to be overcome.


28 February 2024

Mądra (i opłacalna) przedsiębiorczość tylko z energią odnawialną. EDP Business Summit 2024

Transformacja energetyczna, polegająca w dużej mierze na przestawieniu gospodarki na odnawialne źródła energii, jest obecnie jedną z najważniejszych cywilizacyjnych zmian, które musimy przeprowadzić, żeby zabezpieczyć jakość życia obecnych i przyszłych pokoleń.


27 February 2024

Transição energética: uma oportunidade para as empresas

Chegar à neutralidade carbónica até 2050 implicará, de acordo com a McKinsey, um investimento de 500 mil milhões de euros em Portugal até 2045


27 February 2024

Energy transition: an opportunity for companies

Reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 will require, according to McKinsey, an investment of 500 billion euros in Portugal by 2045

leading change

26 February 2024

Portugal está entre os melhores países da Europa no campo das energias renováveis

Em 2023, o país bateu recordes na produção de eletricidade verde.

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