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EDP Business Summit '22

Leaders and Corporations committed to the Energy Transition

Here comes the sun


Leaders and companies from across the globe will gather to reflect on what it takes to accelerate and expand a reliable, carbon-smart solar future. Live from Lisbon and Online.

Leaders and Corporations committed to the Energy Transition

The energy market is going through unprecedent times. As we are already living with the destructive power of climate change, the high fossil fuel prices and energy security and affordability concerns came only to underscore the pressing need to move faster to a clean energy system.

Here comes the sun. With solar rising from the niche technology it once was, companies able to invest and reap the benefits of this form of energy production now will accelerate their energy transition and make the most of controlling price volatility through less reliance on the grid.

Last year, the first international EDP Business Summit gathered online over 700 participants from more than 25 countries to learn how leaders and corporations could accelerate Energy Transition. The second edition will take place in Lisbon on October 27th to inspire leaders on the crucial role of solar in reducing our global dependence on fossil fuels across all sectors of the economy and envision more sustainable futures.

An unmissable half day program with internationally renowned speakers, thought provoking keynotes and transformative debates we hope all find both insightful and actionable, as we carve our path together through the global Energy Transition.


EDP Business Summit '21

Leaders and Corporations committed to the Energy Transition







Why attend EDP Business Summit’22

A TOP LEARNING OPPORTUNITY: key energy transition topics addressed by outstanding international speakers

A BIT OF TIME TO THINK: an opportunity to reflect together on the issues and goals of a more sustainable future

A FOCUSED SPACE TO EXPLORE NEW IDEAS: a pool of ideas and suggestions that inspire new ways to improve businesses

Watch the video and remember last year's edition.


A high-level program on key topics about energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions

02:45 PM
03:00 PM
Welcome and Introduction
Vera Pinto Pereira, Executive Board Member at EDP
Net Zero & Esg
03:10 PM
All about Energy Transition: reimagining a sustainable future
Roger Ballentine, President at Green Strategies Inc.
Carbon-Smart Solar Future
03:30 PM
Solar, an obvious choice
Frederic El-Ahdab, CSO at Faurecia
Guy Pacheco, CFO at Grupo CTT
Miguel Fonseca, Executive Board member at EDP Comercial (B2B Europe and Solar Distributed Generation)
José Luís da Mata Torres, Director of Supply Chain at SCC Group
04:10 PM
04:15 PM
Storage, a game-changer in the energy transition
Omeed Badkoobeh, Co-founder & CEO at Yotta Energy
Sofia Tavares, Product Marketing B2B Director at EDP Comercial
Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO at SolarPower Europe
04:50 PM
Why this is the moment for energy innovation
David Rowan, Expert on technology trends and corporate innovation
05:10 PM
Final remarks
05:20 PM
Event time: GMT+01

This event will be hosted by Pedro Mendonça Pinto, Portuguese Host and Journalist


Meet all the international expert speakers and thought leaders who shared their passion, experience, best practices and ideas to accelerate the energy transition


Our articles and news about Energy Transition

Solar Energy

04 November 2022

Energia solar: bom para o planeta e para o negócio

A oportunidade que representa produzir e armazenar energia solar esteve no centro do debate da edição deste ano do EDP Business Summit, que reuniu interesse de 1600 pessoas de 20 países. Oradores internacionais como Roger Ballentine ou David Rowan lembraram que as empresas de sucesso têm de ter uma estratégia verde e ser inovadoras.

Solar Energy

31 October 2022

EDP Business Summit: por qué apostar por la energía solar

La segunda edición del EDP Business Summit tuvo lugar bajo el lema Here comes the Sun. Durante el encuentro, se habló sobre los criterios ESG y su capacidad para captar inversores y rentabilidad, sobre los beneficios que ofrece la energía solar y sobre el potencial de la innovación en el proceso de transición energética a la hora de desarrollar, por ejemplo, soluciones para el almacenamiento.

Solar Energy

28 October 2022

A energia solar um importante motor da transição energética

O sol está no centro da transição energética das empresas, assegurando retorno garantido e um importante contributo para a descarbonização da economia. Este tema e a forma como a regulação e a inovação podem impulsionar a adoção da energia solar foram o tema central do EDP Business Summit.

Solar Energy

26 October 2022

“Nos próximos cinco anos, cerca de metade da nova capacidade de energia solar a nível global estará nas empresas e nas famílias”

Está previsto que ainda este ano seja ultrapassada a marca dos 300GW/ano de adições de renováveis, com a energia solar a contribuir em 60% para este crescimento. Este será o tema central do EDP Business Summit, que abre amanhã sob o mote "Here Comes The Sun", que terá Vera Pinto Pereira, membro do conselho de Administração Executivo da EDP, na sua abertura.


25 October 2022

EDP Business Summit: energía solar, almacenamiento y la importancia de la innovación

Los negocios nacen hoy no solo con el propósito de ser sostenibles, sino también de actuar en línea con los criterios ESG. Los factores medioambientales, sociales y de buen gobierno resultan, además, muy interesantes para los inversores. Actualmente, el 85% los tiene en cuenta para decidir dónde invertir, según un estudio global divulgado por el CFA Institute. Se espera, además, que esta demanda de fondos de inversión sostenibles, que incorporan factores ESG, crezca de forma considerable este año.

Solar Energy

25 October 2022

A revolução energética de produzir e armazenar o sol no EDP Business Summit

A aposta na energia solar e o seu contributo para a sustentabilidade, rentabilidade e capacidade de atrair investimento é o principal foco da edição deste ano do EDP Business Summit, que será digitalmente transmitido para todo o mundo já no dia 27 de outubro.

If you have any questions about the summit please do not hesitate to contact us: business.summit@edp.com

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